Jason Papagan is well-known in the healthcare marketing field as the Digital Marketing Director for the UNC Healthcare System. For those that know him, they know he is a real “free-spirit.” If you don’t know Jason, get ready for a spirited and fun conversation about humanizing your brand, managing multiple hospitals and being “in the moment” in social media. We chatted longer than usual so drop in the conversation by following the time stamp of our conversation below:

Jason Papagan and Janet Kennedy00:00 Introduction
00:45 Meet Jason Papagan
01:50 UNC Healthcare & REX Healthcare
04:23 He’s a free spirit
05:20 What has changed in digital marketing?
07:07 Shopping center brand transitions
08:20 How many hospitals in UNC Healthcare system?
09:58 Does marketing operate independantly at hospitals?
11:40 What DO you do for a living?
12:50 How far ahead to you plan your strategy?
15:40 UNC/REX Social Media Top 10 in Axial/Becker’s List
17:50 Daily management of social media
19:50 Rogue websites strike again! Chris Boyer
23:37 Facebook changes impact engagement
27:45 Platform changes are a constant factor
29:50 Better late than never?
34:02 Marketing vs. digital budgets
37:00 “Humanizing your brand”: Push marketing vs. engagement
40:50 Analytics
43:35 Responding “in the moment”
49:30 Social Media Tip: Josie Salzman “Keep your eyes and ears open”

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