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Tiffany Kelley – Nightingale Apps

Nightingale Apps – Simplifying a nurses workload

Today on Get Social Health I have a quintuple threat:  Tiffany Kelley.  She’s a nurse, a Ph.D., an entrepreneur, and CEO and founder of Nightingale Apps.  She’s a leader in nursing innovation of mobile applications.  Join us as we discuss the career experiences and the development of “Know My Patient®” on Get Social Health.

Join our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

01:02  Introduction

Nightingales Apps02:18  Kelley’s healthcare career
08:04  You actually write?  By hand?
10:49  Paper beats device
11:44  Tiffany’s epiphany
17:16  The devil is in the details
19:09  How does a nurse build an app?
21:07  Fitting odd notes into existing systems
23:35  Which doodad would work?
25:10  Who would use this?
26:03  Long-term care facilities
26:55  When will it launch?
27:37  “Rogers diffusion of innovation”
30:00  Exciting first steps
30:54  End
31:29  Social Media Tip Tony Guerra
32:02  Closing
Twitter: @nightingaleapps
Instagram: @nightingaleapps
Twitter: @Tiffany_Kelley

Mandi Bishop Disrupting Healthcare

Disrupting Healthcare

As the chief evangelist and co-founder of Aloha Health, my podcast guest Mandi Bishop is disrupting healthcare by making life actionable, helping healthcare systems make sense of the way invisible influences should shape personalized care plans, interventions, and engagements. She believes that patients must be partners in healthcare design and that there is no value-based care without recognizable value delivered to the very people healthcare exists to serve.

Prior to Aloha, Mandi led Dell Healthcare and Life Science’s Global Analytics Innovation and Consulting practice, driving solutions that touched the lives of over 100 million patients. In 2016, she was recognized as one of the “Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT” by Health Data Management magazine. She was #1 on the crowdsourced #HIT100 list of top healthcare IT industry influencers, and #3 on Healthagen’s “Top 10 Healthcare Leaders to Follow on Twitter”. In 2015, she was included in Rock Health’s “State of Women in Healthcare” report as a “Role Model”.

She is @MandiBPro on Twitter, co-chair for nationwide HealthIMPACT Forum events, an advisory board member for the Society for Participatory Medicine and #STEMPrincess, a contributor to the American Journal of Accountable Care and Tincture, and co-host of the Managed Care podcast series.

Social media handles:

Aloha Health@MandiBPro (Twitter and Instagram)
@Aloha_Health (Twitter)
@Aloha.Health (Instagram)
LinkedIn company page
Facebook page

Links we discussed:

Aloha Health website
Humana’s Bold Goal program
Health Data Management

Intrepreneur to Entrepreneur – John Reites

John Reites is a veteran from both sides of the startup business world.  He transitioned from intrapreneur at Quintiles, where he served as the Head of Digital Health Acceleration, to entrepreneur as the Chief Product Officer and Partner at Thread – a new, innovative digital health company.  Join me today as I talk with John about entrepreneurship in any environment.
00:44 – Introduction
01:13 – From Intrapreneurial to Entrepreneurial
02:07 – Entrepreneur Accountability
03:10 – Paying for Your Own Desserts
04:03 – My Big Quintiles Corporate Experience
06:29 – Skunkworks?!
07:45 – Entrepreneur IN a Large Corporation?
09:49 – Compare and Contrast – Corporate to Startup
11:32 – The End Client is…?
12:29 – For Patients in Studies or the Marketplace?
13:31 – How are They Used Within Studies?
16:18 – The Challenge of Adaptation in Health
18:47 – Role-playing
21:38 – Portable Tech and Spontaneous Reactions
23:26 – App Design Mentality
26:46 – Patients on Call?
29:10 – Finding Clients in the Wild
31:13 – Providing the Information Patients Need
32:50 – On the Horizon
34:11 – Social Media Tip: Mark Traphagen – Compete with Dr. Google

Contact John:

LinkedIn  |  Twitter



3 ways to engage in remote patient research

Connect With Thread:  LinkedIn  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

The Future of Mobile Health

What does the future hold for mobile health?

That was the question posed by Rick Smith, Editor of the WRAL TechWire to some of the most innovative and visionary digital health companies in the Triangle. From individuals monitoring their daily steps via a wearable device to scientists gaining the ability to harness the power of big data on a massive scale, advances in mobile health are both exciting and a bit unnerving.

On September 27, 2016, WRAL TechWire invited senior executives of Axial Health, Valencell, Validic, MobileSmith, Medfusion and RelyMD the Executive Exchange to share their thoughts. During the second panel on data security and legal issues, we heard from executives from Parker Poe, MCNC, Wyrick Robbins and Duke Health.

I had the pleasure of live-Tweeting the program and also captured some audio from some of the speakers and attendees. Give a listen to the voice of The Future of Mobile Health.

Podcast Guests (in order of appearance):

WRAL TechWireBrent Anthony, Practimage

Kim Labow, Medfusion

Chris Beal,

Chris Edwards, Validic

Elizabeth Johnson, Wyrick Robbins

Rob Leandro, Parker Poe

Rick Smith, WRAL TechWire



A Passion for Health Technology

Many physicians have discovered a passion for health technology, but not many have taken an 180-degree turn into the digital health field right out of residency. Jonathan O’Donnell did and has found his unique medical perspective to be an asset to the programs he has joined like Startup Weekend Health, iScribes and the design thinking workshop he co-lead with Katie Donohue McMillan. In our conversation, Jonathan and I discussed his medical school training at Duke University and how he caught the digital health bug. Listen to our conversation or catch the time stamps below.

Introduction, Startup Weekend Health
Joyce Lee, Design Thinking advocate
Duke Medical School
DCRI – Duke Clinical Research Institute
Are you a digital early adopter
What vision does your memory bring?
Design thinking
smashing boxes Medical School + Innovative Thinking

Dell Medical School
IBM Watson
Digital health relieving mundane processes
Everyone is creative
Smashing Boxes
Design Disruptors

Katie Donohue McMillian

Amy Abernethy, MD

Jonathan O’Donnell, MD

Social Media Tip: Kenny Brooks – Use team LinkedIn profiles as a sales resource

What IS engaging content? (Free Webinar)

Ever wish you could just skip the whole social media thing?

If you’re not 100% thrilled about all the time you’ve been plugging away on social media, you are not alone.  I hear practice managers and physician owners stressed out over details of social media & blog content.

Tuesday, August 23rd at 12:00pm EST Hosted by Srini Kolathur of EHR2.0

Wednesday, August 24th at 12:00pm EST Hosted by Get Social Health and The Social Nurse

Wednesday, August 24th at 3:00pm EST Hosted by Manny Oliverez of Capture Billing

Thursday, August 25th at 12:00pm EST Hosted by Mary Pat Whaley of Manage My Practice

Kareo – Independent Practice Innovator

Physician, Innovator, and Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Tom Giannulli; Chief Medical Officer for Kareo and independent practice innovator. As both a physician and an entrepreneur, Dr. Giannulli is something of a modern-day Edison – creating, developing and testing digital health innovations in his own healthcare practice. As an independent practitioner, he offers a unique perspective and the capability to de real-time testing of the innovative ideas at Kareo.

During our interview, we talked about innovation, the needs of the small healthcare practice and, of course, social media. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

Podcast Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Dr. Tom Giannaulli, CMIO, Kareo
01:25 Kareo’s use of social media
01:55 Leadership team at Kareo is active in social media
02:21 Was social media part of your pre-Kareo career?
02:41 How did you manage to be a physician and an entrepreneur?
03:40 Technology an interest early on
04:22 Do your kids love technology?
04:48 Kareo’s history
05:50 What’s the difference between the marketing platform and Doctor Base?
07:05 Difference between patient portal and physician review site
08:10 Where are you allowed to post content?
08:32 Tracking review sites – as many as 60-80
09:22 Review sites – Are all reviews published?
10:43 Need more review to balance all opinions
11:30 It’s like trying to get podcast reviews! (Shameless plug – Review here!)
12:16 What is a “small” or independent practice?
12:54 How are your services offered?
13:25 How labor intensive is the ongoing training and support for an independent practice?
14:25 Are your new clients new to EHR or are they transferring from another platform
14:42 How do you manage to be the CMIO for Kareo and a practicing physician?
15:57 Is Kareo a virtual company?
16:17 Who wins the arguments – the Physician or the Entrepreneur?
17:35 Physician’s time spent with EHR – is it better than the “good old days”?
19:35 Heads Up Medicine – Training to use tablet and remain engaged with patient
21:00 Gesture-based software
21:56 Digital Health & Snake Oil
24:05 Vetting medial apps
24:44 How does the Kareo platform help the small healthcare practice do marketing
26:00 Claim your space – how does the Kareo platform update online information?
27:03 What are you developing now?
27:40 KareoChat – Who’s participating?
28:15 Crafting blog posts and subject matter expert to lead
29:28 Why is social media important to an independent practice?
31:41 Social Media Tip: Hannah Prince. “Use interactive content”


More Information:

Storify of April 28th TweetChat led by Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health (that’s me!)

Dr. Tom Giannulli