Nightingale Apps – Simplifying a nurses workload

Today on Get Social Health I have a quintuple threat:  Tiffany Kelley.  She’s a nurse, a Ph.D., an entrepreneur, and CEO and founder of Nightingale Apps.  She’s a leader in nursing innovation of mobile applications.  Join us as we discuss the career experiences and the development of “Know My Patient®” on Get Social Health.

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01:02  Introduction

Nightingales Apps02:18  Kelley’s healthcare career
08:04  You actually write?  By hand?
10:49  Paper beats device
11:44  Tiffany’s epiphany
17:16  The devil is in the details
19:09  How does a nurse build an app?
21:07  Fitting odd notes into existing systems
23:35  Which doodad would work?
25:10  Who would use this?
26:03  Long-term care facilities
26:55  When will it launch?
27:37  “Rogers diffusion of innovation”
30:00  Exciting first steps
30:54  End
31:29  Social Media Tip Tony Guerra
32:02  Closing
Twitter: @nightingaleapps
Instagram: @nightingaleapps
Twitter: @Tiffany_Kelley

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