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Serious Play for Healthcare

Healthcare has many serious challenges that serious play can help solve.

The Serious Games Association (SGA), lead by Executive Director Sue Bohle,  is an international trade organization serving the entire serious games industry. Members include developers, publishers, technology providers, analysts, authors, consultants, faculty and other professionals. Their members are involved in the making of games and sims for education or at home learning, corporate training and marketing, government and military uses, healthcare and medical training and games that are designed to create positive change in our society. The association produces educational conferences (notably, the Serious Play Conference) does research and provides support to special interest groups (SIGs) and committees studying how to move the industry ahead. The 2016 conference will be co-hosted by the UNC Computer Science Department at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, July 26-28.

Serious GamesWhat is serious play? According to the event website it’s a gathering where creators can have critical conversations about game design and share their knowledge with peers. The focus of the conference is exploring opportunities, challenges and the potential of game-based learning. At Serious Play, attendees listen, share and participate actively in informal sessions dedicated to the discussion of the future of serious games. We are a leadership conference for people who design, manage and implement serious game programs. Their goal is to provide a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs in health care, government/military or other fields that want to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their program, and use the data collected to do even better.

Podcast Time Stamps

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below:

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Meet Sue Bohle & the Serious Play Conference
03:55 What’s the difference between Serious Games and Serious Play?
04:40 Phaedra Boinodiris of IBM
Serious Play05:15 How is healthcare using serious games?
06:54 Serious cognitive brain games
08:00 Children very comfortable with technology. What about seniors and technology?
09:45 My parents are addicted to Solitare on the computer
11:00 Gamifying lessons about serious asthma for children
11:54 Teaching at-risk teens, social-emotional intelligence
12:42 Adults need emotional intelligence games as well!
14:04 The Serious Play Conference
15:00 Who will be attending the conference?
16:08 What other business verticals are addressed at the conference?
18:00 What is a “Game Jam”?
19:15 Are serious games all digital?
21:05 How are these games being funded?
22:28 Startup Weekend style pitch events?
23:21 Find out more about the Serious Play Conference
24:05 Get a discount for listening to this podcast!
24:36 Follow the action in Twitter
25:15 Playing games while learning
26:00 Social Media Tip: Erin Wold – “Be a real person”
26:25 “Social Media Ambassadors” – Capitalize on social media during a conference or event

Find Sue:

ChatBot Chat with Klick Health

Digital Snake Oil, the Meeker Report, and a ChatBot chat with Klick Health’s Michael Spitz. This episode of Get Social Health digs into digital trends with Spitz, VP of Digital Strategy for Klick Health. Spitz (that’s what he goes by) really  knows his stuff! Join us for a far-ranging conversation about Digital Health on Get Social Health. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Meet Michael Spitz, VP Strategy for Klick Health
01:15 Damnit Janet and Spitz
01:55 The Klick Wire
04:35 Meteorologist of Digital Health
05:50 Digital Strategy or Traditional Strategy
07:09 B2C or B2B?
08:07 Klick Health
09:48 Deep bench at Klick Health?
10:47 Consumer – Patient – Population Health
16:28 Snake Oil and Digital Health
21:33 Young people excited about digital health
22:48 Digital trends – when are they client ready? Klick Labs
25:27 Geofencing in healthcare
26:21 C-Suite, Digital Technology, and implementing new ideas
28:23 Trust
30:49 ChatBots (finally!)
36:26 Where is the medical info coming from that’s being served? Healthtap
43:40 Mary Meeker’s Internet Report
46:31 Pharma – If it ain’t broke…
47:44 Innovators lead the way
50:38 Digital health is transformative
51:35 Links to content are in the show notes
52:12 Social Media Tip: Samantha Pierce – Get your leaders in social media
52:42 Subscribe to the podcast!

Mary Meeker: Blog post by Michael Spitz

ChatBots: “I, Healthtbot” blog post by Michael Spitz

Klick HealthFind Michael Spitz:



Klick website

Moving healthcare innovation to business as usual

How do you take healthcare innovation into business as usual practices? Joining me on Get Social Health is Andre Blackman, a member of the Jumpstart Foundry team and Producer for Health:Further. This program that brings healthcare innovators together with healthcare professionals to figure out how to implement innovative products, services, and ideas in real-world business.


Health:FurtherYou know, healthcare innovation is a lot like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. That may be stretching the metaphor a bit but, seriously doesn’t it seem that awful lot of innovation never quite gets into practice in a healthcare setting?
In our conversation Andre and I start with his previous podcast topic, the Sustain or Die Manifesto. Andre developed this idea a few years ago to inspire others to think about taking healthcare innovation into practice. In his new role with Health:Further, Andre is responsible for creating events that bring together digital health innovators and the healthcare see suite to talk about how you can use innovations in a practical real world setting.

Listen to our conversation on the podcast or jump in at the timestamps below.

00:00 Introduction: Agent of Change – Andre Blackman
02:19 The Sustain or Die Manifesto
04:52 Wearables gaining interest for health tracking
07:20 Manifesto
13:58 Brand new project – Health:Further
18:10 Med help to those without
23:04 Producing Quarterly events
24:24 Jumpstart Foundry
25:11 Are you targeting just Healthcare Systems?
25:57 Health innovation – Where’s the impact?
28:09 What core competencies does the health entrepreneur need?
30:54 Looking for the small healthcare solutions
32:29 Room for individuals?
33:56 Levels of involvement
35:26 What is your role with Health:Further?
36:40 Dana Lewis, #hcsm Moderator, “Jump in!”

Additional Resources

RecycleHealth (only a FB page for right now)

Aaron Sklar – design + healthcare, co-founder of Prescribe Design
IDEO, Frog Design = two leading design-thinking companies
Flip the Clinic, waiting room experiences – initiated by Thomas Goetz and led by Whitney Zatzkin (@MsWZ)
Health:Further Resources:
Main website:
My introduction post as Producer and the mission
The HF events page that links to our March 1st event on telehealth
Andre’s interview with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn on Health:Further and important of fresh thinking for healthcare innovation
Follow HF on Twitter as @HealthFurther and Facebook

Telemedicine Startup Hygeia Health

Ricardo Ibarria is the founder of Hygeia Health, a start up that has developed the Hygeia Health Station. It’s not your typical health startup idea. It’s not an app, a wearable or a SaaS. It’s an actual, Made-in-America, telehealth product. Hygeia is currently piloting the Hygeia Health Station which increases engagement and adoption in telehealth services in large covered population settings such as employers or schools. The potential for the Hygeia Health station extends as far as developing countries. As long as electricity is available, telehealth services can be delivered.

Hygeia Health featured in Venture Beat

Ricardo Ibarria’s Background

Founded Hygeia Health

What is the Hygeia Health System?

Can you explain how it works?

What skills or credentials does the operator need?

Can you get training at a Community College?

Where are you doing the beta test? Retail or Employers?

Will this work in a developing country?

Social Media Tip: Mary Pat Whaley of Manage My Practice “Blog Content Ideas”

Get Social Health Announcement: The Healthcare Podcasters Blab every Monday at noon EST featuring Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health, Jared Johnson of the Healthcare IT Marketers Podcast, Joe Lavelle of the Intrepid Now podcast and Todd Eury of the Pharmacy Podcast.

Hygeia Health

Ricardo in LinkedIn 

Hygeia Health in Twitter

Hygeia Health in Facebook

Healthcare Marketing Podcast – Sharing a Love of Social Media

It’s not often I get to have a fellow healthcare marketing podcast host as a guest, primarily because there aren’t very many of us producing podcasts on healthcare and social media. That’s why I was excited to have Jared Johnson, founder of Ultera Digital and the host of “The Health IT Marketer Podcast” come on my podcast to “talk shop.” Before we got started talking about podcasts we had a lively discussion about reaching the first anniversary of his new entrepreneurial venture, Ultera Digital. Jared’s company provides digital marketing services to healthcare practices and hospitals.

In August of 2015 Jared launched the “Health IT Marketer Podcast” which focuses on the marketing trends that drive the technologies and information systems behind health care. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Jared Johnson at HITMC 201500:00 Introduction
00:41 Founding Ultera Digital
02:12 Need experience outside healthcare
04:15 No ulterior motives here!
05:00 Patient.Co – Josh Silver and Bird Blitch
07:14 Patient user experience
09:15 How do you onboard a client
12:18 “Mobilegeddeon”
15:38 Content
17:35 Iceburg Effect
18:18 App development
23:14 “Orcs and Storm Troopers on request”
24:06 Loosen up healthcare!
26:52 David Harlow @HealthBlawg Don’t worry about social media
31:19 Health IT Marketer Podcast
32:44 Get Social Health and Health IT Not just EHR/EMR
35:20 Jon Lin
37:10 Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute
39:35 Learning opportunities
40:10 Share your thoughts
40:44 The Favorite Podcast list
42:49 Future Blabs
44:55 Social Media Tip: Colin Hung

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.


Ogilvy Team on Social Media for Pharma

Developing and managing social media for pharma is probably the most complicated and challenging role in healthcare marketing. Regulations, rules and legal oversight can present roadblocks to a “spontaneous” communication medium. Joining me on Get Social Health are Ogilvy team members Becky Canvin and Rick Evans to share their insight and experience along with a new report “Connecting the Dots– Which pharma companies are succeeding in the social media space?” Listen in to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Ogilvy Digital Health00:00 Introduction: Becky Canvin & Rick Evans
00:50 Ogilvy is a world-wide agency
03:08 Engaging with patients
03:40 Pharma content reviewed by 3 or more teams
04:05 Pharma can’t make claims in social media
04:25 Twitter & Pharma
05:40 Social media platform for education
07:45 Commenting in social media
11:05 Mobile health
11:54 Ogilvy Pharma Social Media Audit “Connecting the Dots-Which pharma companies are succeeding in the social media space?”
Ogilvy Digital Health14:38 Corporate social was the focus
16:00 “Push” messages vs 2-way communications
16:40 Largest communities did not equal highest engagement
17:09 Best practice examples
18:40 Bayer Facebook page
18:50 Takeaways
20:30 Relevant content wins
21:09 Listening tools – Sysmos
24:00 Scenario planning
25:15 Tweet Chats
24:00 Community Guidelines
26:32 Crisis simulation
27:42 Team work
29:18 Social media experience varies at all levels
31:15 Words of wisdom… But wait, there’s more!
32:20 Ogilvy Health World and Ogilvy Digital Health
33:00 What is the Ogilvy Digital Innovation Lab?
34:13 Social Media Tip: Rich Obertots “Get the CEOs engaged in social media”

Becky Canvin in Twitter and LinkedIn

Rick Evans in LinkedIn

Ogilvy HealthWorld on Twitter and Ogilvy website

Ogilvy Digital Innovation Lab 

Visit our resources page for more valuable (and free!) resources on social media and digital health.