Moving healthcare innovation to business as usual

How do you take healthcare innovation into business as usual practices? Joining me on Get Social Health is Andre Blackman, a member of the Jumpstart Foundry team and Producer for Health:Further. This program that brings healthcare innovators together with healthcare professionals to figure out how to implement innovative products, services, and ideas in real-world business.


Health:FurtherYou know, healthcare innovation is a lot like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. That may be stretching the metaphor a bit but, seriously doesn’t it seem that awful lot of innovation never quite gets into practice in a healthcare setting?
In our conversation Andre and I start with his previous podcast topic, the Sustain or Die Manifesto. Andre developed this idea a few years ago to inspire others to think about taking healthcare innovation into practice. In his new role with Health:Further, Andre is responsible for creating events that bring together digital health innovators and the healthcare see suite to talk about how you can use innovations in a practical real world setting.

Listen to our conversation on the podcast or jump in at the timestamps below.

00:00 Introduction: Agent of Change – Andre Blackman
02:19 The Sustain or Die Manifesto
04:52 Wearables gaining interest for health tracking
07:20 Manifesto
13:58 Brand new project – Health:Further
18:10 Med help to those without
23:04 Producing Quarterly events
24:24 Jumpstart Foundry
25:11 Are you targeting just Healthcare Systems?
25:57 Health innovation – Where’s the impact?
28:09 What core competencies does the health entrepreneur need?
30:54 Looking for the small healthcare solutions
32:29 Room for individuals?
33:56 Levels of involvement
35:26 What is your role with Health:Further?
36:40 Dana Lewis, #hcsm Moderator, “Jump in!”

Additional Resources

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Health:Further Resources:
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Andre’s interview with Jane Sarasohn-Kahn on Health:Further and important of fresh thinking for healthcare innovation
Follow HF on Twitter as @HealthFurther and Facebook

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