Moving healthcare innovation to business as usual

How do you take healthcare innovation into business as usual practices? Joining me on Get Social Health is Andre Blackman, a member of the Jumpstart Foundry team and Producer for Health:Further. This program that brings healthcare innovators together with healthcare professionals to figure out how to implement innovative products, services, and ideas in real-world business.


Health:FurtherYou know, healthcare innovation is a lot like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. That may be stretching the metaphor a bit but, seriously doesn’t it seem that awful lot of innovation never quite gets into practice in a healthcare setting?
In our conversation Andre and I start with his previous podcast topic, the Sustain or Die Manifesto. Andre developed this idea a few years ago to inspire others to think about taking healthcare innovation into practice. In his new role with Health:Further, Andre is responsible for creating events that bring together digital health innovators and the healthcare see suite to talk about how you can use innovations in a practical real world setting.

Listen to our conversation on the podcast or jump in at the timestamps below.

00:00 Introduction: Agent of Change – Andre Blackman
02:19 The Sustain or Die Manifesto
04:52 Wearables gaining interest for health tracking
07:20 Manifesto
13:58 Brand new project – Health:Further
18:10 Med help to those without
23:04 Producing Quarterly events
24:24 Jumpstart Foundry
25:11 Are you targeting just Healthcare Systems?
25:57 Health innovation – Where’s the impact?
28:09 What core competencies does the health entrepreneur need?
30:54 Looking for the small healthcare solutions
32:29 Room for individuals?
33:56 Levels of involvement
35:26 What is your role with Health:Further?
36:40 Dana Lewis, #hcsm Moderator, “Jump in!”

Additional Resources

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Physician and Content Producer – Dr. Howard Luks

Content Drove 4 Million Website Visitors

Being early to social media and blogging has an advantage when you are a physician and a content producer. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Howard Luks began writing his blog to answer questions from his patients. After years of producing content that addressed real patient concerns he now sees over 4 million visitors to his website annually. Dr. Luks is a social media early adopter and has tried most social media platforms some of which he has dropped after not getting the results he wanted. Aside from continuing his active blogging, Dr. Luks is now live-streaming content to his audience via Periscope. Listen in to my conversation with social media pioneer Dr. Howard Luks or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 Meet Dr. Howard Luks, Orthopedic Surgeon
01:34 Evolution of Social Media
Howard Luks, Physician and content producer03:57 Medical Journals
04:50 Is it a problem that social media is slow in adoption?
05:26 Pioneers have led the way
06:34 Physicians as content providers
08:00 Communicating patient education – “one man show”
09:36 Online presence is your reputation
10:42 Reviews on ZocDoc
11:49 What do your colleagues think of social media?
12:20 What drew you to social media
14:32 Have you thought about writing a book?
15:27 Use of video
17:00 Live or recorded video?
18:28 Tracking questions and comments
19:14 Age of patients and social savvy
21:30 Involved in Startup community
23:40 mHealth & Digital Health
28:41 Is that a future you’re excited about?
29:49 #TweetChats #HIT
31:10 When are you live in Twitter?
31:48 Is it harder to have conversations in Twitter?
34:30 Social Media Tip: Dr. Bryan Vartabedian “Find a Social Media Mentor”

Howard Luk’s Social Media Profiles:

The Get Social Health Academy

Thank you for joining me for Get Social Health. As you may know, I recently launched the Get Social Health Academy, an online learning space for healthcare practitioners. If you handle social media for a physician’s or other healthcare practice, check out the website for courses that can help you achieve your goals in social media. The website is Get Social Health If you have any questions please reach out to me at[email protected] or in Twitter @GetSocialHealth. Thanks for listening.