Disrupting Healthcare

As the chief evangelist and co-founder of Aloha Health, my podcast guest Mandi Bishop is disrupting healthcare by making life actionable, helping healthcare systems make sense of the way invisible influences should shape personalized care plans, interventions, and engagements. She believes that patients must be partners in healthcare design and that there is no value-based care without recognizable value delivered to the very people healthcare exists to serve.

Prior to Aloha, Mandi led Dell Healthcare and Life Science’s Global Analytics Innovation and Consulting practice, driving solutions that touched the lives of over 100 million patients. In 2016, she was recognized as one of the “Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT” by Health Data Management magazine. She was #1 on the crowdsourced #HIT100 list of top healthcare IT industry influencers, and #3 on Healthagen’s “Top 10 Healthcare Leaders to Follow on Twitter”. In 2015, she was included in Rock Health’s “State of Women in Healthcare” report as a “Role Model”.

She is @MandiBPro on Twitter, co-chair for nationwide HealthIMPACT Forum events, an advisory board member for the Society for Participatory Medicine and #STEMPrincess, a contributor to the American Journal of Accountable Care and Tincture, and co-host of the Managed Care podcast series.

Social media handles:

Aloha Health@MandiBPro (Twitter and Instagram)
@Aloha_Health (Twitter)
@Aloha.Health (Instagram)
LinkedIn company page
Facebook page

Links we discussed:

Aloha Health website
Humana’s Bold Goal program
Health Data Management

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