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Desperately Seeking Spirituality with Meredith Gould

One of healthcare’s strongest communications advocates is Meredith Gould. Author, instigator, and inspiration, she calls ‘em like she sees ‘em. As a member of the team at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, Meredith is a thought leader in using social media and communications to build communities, share ideas and push the envelope in online discussions. While well known in the healthcare community, Meredith also has a deep sociological appreciation for the individual’s personal search for spiritual truth and has authored 10 books on digital communications and spiritually.

In “Desperately Seeking Spirituality”, sacred spelunker and sociologist Meredith Gould combines practical wisdom with lived experience to explain why and when traditional practices don’t work for today’s seeker and then how to choose ones that will. In short, easy-to-read chapters and with characteristic wit, Gould provides counsel for reframing perception to discover the sacred in everyday life. This guide is for self-identified seekers who have tried some, many, or even all the classic spiritual practices and then given up on them when they stop working.

In “Desperately Seeking Spirituality”, Gould invites readers to embrace a broader definition of practice that shifts focus from doing to being. Meredith Gould, PhD, is a sociologist with well over a decade of hands-on experience with communications at all levels of church across denominations. She’s the author of nine books about faith and everyday life. Dr. Gould is the founder and lead moderator of the weekly ecumenical Twitter-based chat about church social media (#chsocm), founder and co-moderator of the monthly Health & Spirituality chat (#hlthsp), Platinum Fellow of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network, and nationally known for her passionate advocacy of using online tools for ministry and to encourage practical spirituality.

Join me for the first part of a two-part conversation with Meredith Gould as we discuss her new book “Desperately Seeking Spirituality” as well as social media, healthcare, and religion on Get Social Health. Follow the conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.

Meredith Gould Book00:00 Introduction
00:49 Meet Meredith Gould
03:30 “How do you get away with talking about your faith?”
05:17 Proselytizing in Twitter
08:00 Sociologist’s perspective
10:01 Religion is a social institution
12:45 “Don’t get mad, get published”
13:06 “The Social Media Gospel”
14:30 What is Spirituality?
16:46 Religion can be really hard
18:56 “Doing” versus “Being”
20:15 Happy, upbeat words
22:28 Generosity and Curiosity
24:10 The right book at the right time
27:06 Social Media Tip: Dr. Bryan Vartabedian: Find a role model
26:07 A look-ahead.

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A Must-Follow Social Media Advisor

Even podcasters can be fangirls (or fanboys). When I came into healthcare social media there were a Twitter handles that were obviously well respected in the community if you follow the authors who are retweeted or shared. Marie Ennis-O’Conner is a member of the “must follow” healthcare marketing club. She writes and curates excellent content for the healthcare marketer. The fact that she lives in Ireland and is at least 5 hours difference from the east coast of the US does not seem to impact when she chooses to appear. Marie shares content generously too. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Marie Ennis-O'ConnerIntroduction
A world view
Marie’s back-story
How did patients engage before social media?
Is Irish healthcare nationalized?
What kind of clients do you have?
Do US Pharma companies follow US privacy laws or European?
Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit in OZ
What was your talk about?
People are people
Dr. Gia Sisson
Health 2.0 Dublin

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Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Data Geek

Meet Makala Johnson, Mayo Clinic’s social media data geek. She was the first hire of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media. After listening to her, you’ll understand why. She is the a lover of all things data and demonstrates a great skill at understanding the data metrics that should be tied to social media. She also lives the mission of the Mayo Clinic and is engaging, friendly and helpful. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below:

Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network

06/15/15 — A moment during Mayo Clinic’s “Bringing on the Social Media Revolution to Health Care” social media residency, presented by the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network at the Doubletree in Rochester, Minnesota on Monday, June 15, 2015. Follow along online using #MCCSM. Learn more at (Photo by Jason Pratt / Mayo Clinic)

Mayo Clinic believes in engagement
Metrics and analytics
How did the Center for Social Media get founded
How many team members in the social media effort at the Mayo Clinic?
Content submission guidelines
Ideas for content come from the whole system
Dr. Chuck Rosen – Celebrating moments at Mayo
Coordination and Cooperation
Reviewing content submission
Training for all employees
How many social accounts were active when the MCCSM was founded?
How are you keeping track of all your content
What management tool are you using?
Tool selection process?
Did you select an “off the shelf” tool or was it customized for MCCSM?
When do you need a management tool? Number of people using social media or the number of social media sites you’re managing?
Did you work with social media management tools before the creation of the CSM?
How do you differentiate between your personal and professional profiles?
How many social media accounts are there for the Mayo Clinic?
Who is the head of social media for all of Mayo Clinic? Lee Aase of course!
Have you had any rogue accounts?
She’s a data geek!
What are considered the “essential” metrics?
Can you track “save for later” posts?
Are you using Facebook tracking pixels?
Are you downloading the Facebook analytics report?
What are the benefits of using a social media management tool?
Standard response time to comments?
Did you get a demo of the social media platform?

Social Media Tip: Keith Boswell “Create a Content Library”

ANNOUNCEMENT! Get in on a pilot of the Get Social Health Academy

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Social Media Tips from Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network hosted a Social Media Summit June 15-16, 2015 in Rochester, MN.

Mayo SMS 2015-400Dozens of healthcare social media marketers attended to share, learn and experience social media first hand. The event featured a keynote by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, aka @SeattleMamaDoc in Twitter which was live streamed by the new social platform, Periscope (@Periscopeco). During the two day event I met and spoke with a large number of the participants and corralled a few to get their social media tips to share on the podcast. Below is a list of all those who contributed to the podcast. To find out more about the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network visit here or read the following blog posts:

Social Media Residency and Summit are next week, Lee Aase

June Social Media Summit Reflects the Mayo Model, Lee Aase

Social Media Tips from:
Kristine Austin, Principal, KS Austin Communications
Kristy Jacobson, Public Affairs Specialist at Mayo Clinic Health System
Christina Bokusky, Communications Coordinator at Jackson In Action Community Coalition
Shelby LaCroix, Communications Specialist, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Caitlin Hennessay
Dr. John Wald, Medical Director for Marketing at Mayo Clinic
Quinn Nystrom Diabetes Advocate & Speaker,
Susan Woolner (@SusanWoolner)
Naomi Ogaldez, Intern at Mayo Clinic
Marie McNeill
Makala Johnson, Social Media & Content Strategy Specialist at Mayo Clinic
Paula Gill, Co-Founder CareHubs
Corey Shaffer, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CareHubs
Dr. Elizabeth Murray, Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
Karen Mulkey, Community Relations Officer, OU School of Community Medicine and OU Physicians
Amanda Changuris, (@AmandaChanguris)
Tony Hart, Public Affairs Associate; Social and Digital Innovation Team, Mayo Clinic
Ali Burnett
Ahmanielle Hall, Digital Marketing Specialist at Yuma Regional Medical Center

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Mayo Clinic’s New Social Media Summit

Lee Aase visited the Get Social Health podcast to talk about the new format for the Mayo Clinic’s Social Media Summit scheduled for June 15-16, 2015 in Rochester, MN. Taking a cue from Mayo Clinic’s commitment to innovation, the Center for Social Media team, the Board of Advisers and event committee took an opportunity to re-imagine the conference. Switching from speakers on the stage to a very hands-on format, the 2015 Social Media Summit will offer case studies, workshops and collaborative problem solving.

Hear more about the event during our interview or listen in to the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Time to Innovate
02:30 New Residency format
04:00 Grand Rounds with Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson
05:30 Be prepared before you come
06:50 Mayo Model of Conferences
08:45 “Selling” the conference to your boss
10:30 Members get free webinars
11:25 Networking face-to-face
12:30 Bronze, Silver and Platinum Fellows
12:44 Two new Bronze Fellows announced
14:00 2014 Silver Fellow Lisa Ramshaw
14:25 What is a Platinum Fellow
16:18 @SeattleMamaDoc
17:45 When’s the party?
18:30 Who should attend the Social Media Summit?
21:23 Do we need a “social media summit” or an “integrated marketing summit?” Bob West
23:45 Event timing
25:18 Colleen Young , MCSMHN Community Site
26:37 Dan Hinmon, Community Manager, MCSMHN
27:00 Chris Boyer, website re-launch at North Shore LIJ

29:20 Social Media Tip: Dr. Kate Hersov – “Speak to kids on their level”

Digital Health Mini-MBA: Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a leader in digital marketing for healthcare having been a Hospital Association Marketing Director, a Platinum Fellow in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network and on the Health committee for the SxSW festival. Through his work he realized that other healthcare marketing professionals wanted an opportunity to get an immerse experience in digital marketing to bring their skill set up to date. As a result, he founded the Social Health Institute and one of their first projects is the Digital Health Mini-MBA Certificate program. Developed in partnership with Clemson University the program launches in May 2015 and applications to attend are being accepted now.
Reed Smith, Mayo Clinics Platinum Fellow Listen in to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.
00:00 Introduction
00:50 Meet Reed Smith
03:55 Baylor, Smith & White Healthcare LIVE Tweet a heart transplant
06:05 #HCMKTG – Tweet chat founded by Reed Smith
07:57 Gray Digital Group
09:30 Social Health Institute founds Mini-MBA Certificate program with Clemson University
12:50 Co-Founder Bobby Rettew
14:35 Mayo Clinic lecturers Lee Aase & Dr. Ferris Timimi
17:45 Prerequisites to participate
19:18 SxSW
22:13 Startup mentality vs Healthcare entrenchment
25:50 Small/community hospitals: How do they manage social media?
28:38 How do you advise: 20,000 ft level or daily management?
31:03 Recommend Facebook ads?
33:05 How to connect with Reed Smith
35:05 Social Media Tip: Jason Papagan “Keep your social media social.”
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Twitter: @ReedSmith
Reed Smith on LinkedIn