Digital Health Mini-MBA: Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a leader in digital marketing for healthcare having been a Hospital Association Marketing Director, a Platinum Fellow in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network and on the Health committee for the SxSW festival. Through his work he realized that other healthcare marketing professionals wanted an opportunity to get an immerse experience in digital marketing to bring their skill set up to date. As a result, he founded the Social Health Institute and one of their first projects is the Digital Health Mini-MBA Certificate program. Developed in partnership with Clemson University the program launches in May 2015 and applications to attend are being accepted now.
Reed Smith, Mayo Clinics Platinum Fellow Listen in to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.
00:00 Introduction
00:50 Meet Reed Smith
03:55 Baylor, Smith & White Healthcare LIVE Tweet a heart transplant
06:05 #HCMKTG – Tweet chat founded by Reed Smith
07:57 Gray Digital Group
09:30 Social Health Institute founds Mini-MBA Certificate program with Clemson University
12:50 Co-Founder Bobby Rettew
14:35 Mayo Clinic lecturers Lee Aase & Dr. Ferris Timimi
17:45 Prerequisites to participate
19:18 SxSW
22:13 Startup mentality vs Healthcare entrenchment
25:50 Small/community hospitals: How do they manage social media?
28:38 How do you advise: 20,000 ft level or daily management?
31:03 Recommend Facebook ads?
33:05 How to connect with Reed Smith
35:05 Social Media Tip: Jason Papagan “Keep your social media social.”
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Twitter: @ReedSmith
Reed Smith on LinkedIn