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Ice Hockey and Healthcare Partnerships – Katrina Doell

Professional sports sponsorships have long been a part of healthcare marketing – but are those partnerships being maximized? Katrina Doell of North Shore LIJ Health System walks us through the process on Get Social Health.  They teamed up with the New York Rangers ice hockey team and player Marty St. Louis to create a “Be a Heart Healthy VIP” initiative to educate and inform about heart disease. Listen in to the conversation or jump into the conversation at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Ice Hockey Partnership with the New York Rangers
01:30 Martin St. Louis
03:55 #1 Killer of Americans
05:00 Be a Heart Healthy MVP
05:50 Healthcare and sports is a natural relationship
07:00 Carolina Hurricanes & Kids ‘N Community Foundation
08:58 Sports & Health a natural Partnership
10:25 What should be in a sponsorship agreement?
14:00 Sports Loyalty and family
15:35 Other types of sports agreements
17:00 Partnerships through the foundation
15:38 Metrics
23:20 North Shore LIJ & Lenox Hill Hospital team
25:35 Smith, Rich & Tart – Dentists for Carolina Hurricanes
26:50 Advice on partnerships
28:53 Social Media Tip: Dr. Bertalan Mesk0 “Real life communication is the same online”

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Consolidating 80 Websites: Chris Boyer

In January of 2013, Chris Boyer accepted a massive challenge; join the North Shore LIJ Health System to create a unified digital presence. The challenge? There were at least 80 websites, known and unknown, that related to the health system and affiliated entities. In our conversation, Chris and I walked through some of the challenges he and his team faced in creating a unified presence for his healthcare system.

Check the time stamp below to follow the conversation follow along the conversation.

Christening the new website

Christening the new website

00:00 Introduction
00:45 80 websites!
01:18 First Steps: January 2013
02:29 Digital presence was fragmented
02:49 Website as the hub
04:04 Branding = Logo
05:28 New website is beautiful
06:33 Web traffic
07:55 Lessons from North Shore LIJ could be applied anywhere
08:15 “Our website is not an org chart”
09:57 Who is the website for?
10:01 Gap analysis – Project Management – Content Creation
10:50 Redundant content
12:30 Rogue websites
16:45 Emergency Department wait times
18:13 11 Top Tasks that people want to accomplish on your website
20:20 Web Usability Neo Insight. Personas help from
21:27 How can you create enough content?
25:38 Word count and SEO are not the goal
27:42 SEO and targeting medical keywords
29:05 Web traffic affected?

North Shore LIJ Health System

North Shore LIJ Health System

31:42 Who is on the team
33:15 Marketing Automation
33:50 Web redesign tips
35:20 Don’t try to eat the whole elephant at one time
36:54 Social Media Tip: AJ Montpetit – Video needs good audio

Alan Cooper: The founder of Personas (Start at 11:50) YouTube Interview