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Pharmacists and the Patient Experience

Todd Eury is the host of the Pharmacy Podcast and wants to enable conversations about pharmacists and the patient experience through his podcast and website. He is also the 4th Musketeer of the Healthcare Podcasters – a team that brings you a weekly healthcare Blab every Monday at noon EST. Todd has brought together multiple voices and conversations about the business of running a pharmacy and serving their patient communities. It was a great pleasure having him as a guest on Get Social Health and learning about his business and his exciting plans to bring even more voices to The Pharmacy Podcast. Tune in or drop in at the time stamps below:

Todd Eury is the host of the Pharmacy Podcast00:00 Introduction
00:50 Entering the pharmacy space
03:58 The launch of the podcast
05:16 Podcast numbers, Partnering with Pharmacy Times
06:49 How to name a podcast episode
08:12 Podcast Hosts
10:28 Podcast Tech
12:00 Don’t let the tech stop you from Podcasting
13:25 How often are you publishing?
14:16 Independant Pharmacies
16:55 CVS & Tobacco ban
18:29 Are Pharmacists in social media
24:57 E-Proscribing
28:53 Sally Okun and Patients Like Me
31:48 Patients and social media
35:21 How does The Pharmacy Podcast make money
36:39 Consulting – WellMed Rx
37:46 Ritesh Patel – Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
39:40 Pharmacists – important point of contact
45:31 Social Media Tip: Erin Wold – Be a real Person

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