The Art of Technology Marketing

In this episode of Get Social Health my guest, Kathy Holoman and I discuss the art of technology marketing.  Kathy is an exceptional storyteller who connects real-life business challenges with breakthrough technology solutions for Citrix Solutions for Healthcare. She started her career as a painter but transitioned to tech where she found her right brain perspective very helpful in translating left-brain concepts. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:40 Meet Kathy Holoman, Citrix Solutions for Healthcare
01:38 From painter to technology company
02:40 Citrix location
03:15 Citrix Solutions for Healthcare
04:03 Security of data
05:32 Evangelists & the team
07:33 Deep skill set in marketing
08:15 Where does Citrix come into the sales process?
10:26 What do you do at Citrix?
11:51 What is Everyone Social?
13:38 Do you have the freedom to publish without editing?
14:52 Is Citrix using Video for promotion?
15:35 Attending trade shows?
17:00 Who is your target customer?
17:46 CEO & C-Suite – Can you reach them via social media?
19:45 Translation of Tech to Social Media
21:24 Complicated messaging for a long-term sale
21:24 How does the social media team plan content?
24:18 Thought leadership
24:36 How hard is it to present a technology that’s not visible?
26:20 Is healthcare tech harder to communicate than other verticals?
28:31 Using social media to open a door
29:04 Art to relax – Home renovation and photography
30:35 Race cars and technology
31:48 Providing authentic content
33:43 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush – Advice to Nurses who want to blog

Find Kathy Holoman:

Healthcare Hackathon for Caregivers

Franklin D. RooseveltCaregivers of people with dementia face many challenges. To aid in problem solving for them, NCHICA, Northwest AHEC and Quintiles sponsored a healthcare hackathon on April 11-12, 2015.

00:00 Open and Introduction

        • Janet Kennedy introduction

01:35 Jennifer Anderson, NCHICA

          • 1st Event
          • Why this topic?
          • Event preparation
          • New Executive Director for NCHICA

06:40 Chris Jones, Northwest AHEC

          • How did the healthcare hackathon come to be?
          • “From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side”

10:26 Healther Altman, Carol Woods

          • Wearing many hats & Innovation Coach
          • Changes in the geriatric space
          • “Person First” language

14:58 Katherine Lavoie, UNC Graduate Student & Volunteer

          • How she became involved in the event
          • What are the challenges feaced by Healthcare Administrations?
          • What do you hope to gain from the weekend?

16:30 Alex Joyner, Student at Nash Community College & event finalist

          • Why did you come to this healthcare hackathon?
          • Senior’s use of technology
          • Lessons from his family

19:13 Dave Potenziani, Intrahealth

          • Health informatics
          • mHero
          • Open source tech

21:48 Tom Caurso,

          • Innovation Coach
          • Wearable tech researcher and entrepreneur
          • What do you think about the specificity of the topic?

25:07 Gail Hinte, Himformatics & Innovation Coach

          • Benefits of coaching

28:58 eHealth Transformation Challenge Winners. Team Leads Karen Appert & Soumajeet Roy

30:58 John Reites, Quintiles

          • “Co-Conspiritor”
          • Healthcare hackathon development time
          • Improvements for next time
          • Why is Quintiles involved?

34:58 Get Social Health Academy announcement

eHealth Transformation Challenge (Event website)Photo courtesy of NW AHEC

The Problem: Caregivers of those with dementia are tasked with conducing a diverse range of activities to support loved ones. They need technology tools to support them in caring for their loved ones in innovative ways.

The Challenge: To design and pitch technology-based solutions that have the potential to lighten the burden that falls on family caregivers, particularly by helping them to coordinate the demanding tasks and the complex networks of relationships involved with caring for others.

The Advantage: This inaugural NCHICA event will connect you with other innovators and industry veterans in the Triangle, NC area. Food and awards totaling $4,500 to the top designs will be provided. Tickets are just $10 for students and $90 for industry professionals. Sign-up today as space is limited

Students, clinicians, programmers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and caregiver advocates will gather and team up at Quintiles to compete in a design race to improve public health. Will you be there?

The winning team will design and pitch a viable and realistic solution to improve quality of life of caregivers of the elderly in NC.

Inspiration speakers:

Karen Appert – 20 year Caregiver and Marketing Professional

Susan Adams -Professional Gerontologist specializing in Aging in Place

Connie Bishop – Director – Compliance and Quality/Risk Management, Piedmont Health Services, Inc.

David Potenziani – Senior Informatics Adviser at IntraHealth International

Event Recap

Weekend in video for the weekend is here:

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Lead sponsors NCHCIA, Northwest AHEC & Quintiles

Prize sponsors Booz Allen Hamilton, Himformatics, Duke MMCI program, Validic

Conf sponsors Carol Woods, RENCI, Validic