Get Social Health speaks with Matt Cavallo, author, speaker and chronic-illness coach¬†who also happens to have Multiple Sclerosis. Hearing that you have been diagnosed with MS is devastating no matter who you are. But if you a 28 year old, 6’2″ former football player with a new wife and a memory of an Aunt’s passing of the same illness, it can knock you down, hard. Matt found a reason to get up and go on to become a nationally recognized MS blogger, speaker, chronic-illness coach and now, assistant soccer coach for his son’s team. Matt shares his health and life journey on the podcast. To follow the conversation listen in or drop in at the time stamps below:

Matt-Speech00:00 Introduction
00:45 #Multiple Sclerosis
01:45 Matt’s Blog
04:00 What is different now from when you were diagnosed?
05:10 Resources available?
06:45 Sharing Matt’s story
08:20 Caregiver “compassion fatigue”
08:35 Healthcare issue: “Treat the problem, not the person”
09:50 Does your message vary by professional audience?
11:20 What do you do?
13:17 Physical challenges
16:15 Glass half-full
18:47 What have you told your children?
20:45 Social sharing

24:40 “The Iceberg Disease”
25:55 Don’t trust everything you hear in Social Media

28:50 What does the non-MS person need to know?

Iceberg34:P23 Social Media Tip: Dr. Kevin Pho “Elevator Test”

Matt Cavallo’s website

Matt on Twitter

Matt on LinkedIn

“The Dog Story”

National MS Society: Resources for kids

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