Social Content Solutions for Healthcare with Dr. Mike Sevilla

On this podcast, I found myself answering questions about Social Content Solutions for Healthcare with Dr. Mike Sevilla. One of my early podcast guests, Mike Sevilla, is a dedicated Family Practice Physician, and social media early adopter. We talked about our convention travels, have a debate about SnapChat and explore the challenges of social media for the small healthcare practice. Mike was interested in learning more about the Get Social Health Academy, the monthly subscription service Social Content Solutions and the Membership site scheduled to launch early this summer. Give a listen to the podcast or drop in at the timestamps below.

The Interview

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Welcome back Dr. Mike Sevilla
01:50 Where have you been traveling?
03:56 SnapChat
MikeSevillaAtMay2016ConferenceAAFP-207:16 Building a network for each platform
09:39 First the “selfie” next the Video channel
10:26 Social Media Marketing World
11:30 Blab CEO shout out to Mike & Janet for the Mayo Blab
13:44 Social Media is a force to be reckoned with
14:01 Have vetted sources for health information
16:35: Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson
17:05 Dr. Jeff Livingston @MacarthurGYN
18:02 Serving Salem, Ohio as an active Family Practice Physician
19:55 “Let’s Do This America”
20:56 Helping the small practice physician
22:18 Get Social Health Academy courses created to support small healthcare practices
25:11 Reputation is very important
27:30 Seek help where needed: Social Content Solutions
29:47 What kind of sources are you using?
30:30 “Janet Kennedy Day”!
31:00 How to use event calendars to generate blog ideas.
33:17 How can a practice find the time to do social media
34:30 Custom content with Carol Bush of The Social Nurse
35:00 Social Content Solutions pricing
37:31 New website:
38:13 Member site launching June 2016
39:34 Mayo Clinic Social Media Network
40:27 Marketing plan? Affiliates are primary sales channel
Mary Pat Whaley, Barbara Phillips, Jean Eaton, Carol Bush, NCMS
43:02 Thanks for the support, Mike!
43:30 Independent practices need support
46:332 Social Medi Tip: Stacy Goebel, Customer Engagement & Social Marketing at StudioNorth “Tell a Story”

Authentic Storytelling with Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe is a content marketer who has spoken worldwide on the topic. What he wants you to think about is being “authentic” to communicate your organization’s mission. In our conversation on Get Social Health we discuss the importance of building your brand with smart, consistent content (that does not have to be exclusively yours). Christoph offers some excellent advice on the timing and longevity of posts plus how to re-purpose blog content to give posts more exposure. We also discussed the launch of his new book, “Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success.” Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time-stamps below.

00:00 Introduction
00:41 An unrealized sports reporter
03:30 MedTouch
04:21 Storytelling across industries
07:08 Content consulting – where does MedTouch come into play? “Silos are only good on farms”
10:18 Published his Book “Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success
11:20 How many ways can you re-purpose content?
13:30 Scheduling and longevity of content
Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories for Long-Term Success14:00 Follow 60/30/10 Rule (60% sharing, 30% Responding/Re-Tweeting, 10% Linking to your blog)
13 day interval
16:50 Being popular drives more placement
19:35 Tweet Chats: #hcsm content marketing
20:05 Have you been a guest as a Tweet Chat Q&A?
21:23 Periscope & Facebook Live
24:58 How can healthcare use Periscope
26:55 Managing Periscope & Blab with trifocals
29:14 Alternate format:
29:35 What do you mean by “Authentic”?
32:31 Authentic storytelling is not always positive
35:58 Everyone has stories to tell
36:35 How do you engage with 45,000 followers in Twitter?
38:55 Social Media Tip: Dr. Jeff Livingston “Be authentic”
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Christoph Trappe’s online presence

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