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Pharma Social Media with Ritesh Patel

Today we’re talking about Pharma Social Media with Ritesh Patel, EVP and Chief Digital Officer of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide. During our conversation we discussed handling a PR crisis, being a digital evangelist and getting the C-Suite on board with social media. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide00:00 Introduction
00:55 Meet Ritesh Patel
01:55 David Ogilvy & Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
04:15 What kind of health are you serving?
05:45 Do you have a group that specializes in Crisis Management?
06:38 Industry response to bad PR
08:58 Hard to “put the brakes on”
10:11 Can you BE a digital evangelist in pharma?
13:31 Patients need information and Fair balance
15:58 COPD Foundation – Is pharma focusing on disease states?
19:00 Mayo Clinic – Must educate because so much information is bad
21:02 Patient communities
23:33 Are you doing more client work in open or closed communities?
25:15 Storyvine for telling patient stories
25:55 Why would a patient give a pharma testimonial?
28:00 How does the app get paid for?
29:16 Are you evangelizing to the C-Suite?
30:58 Is it “They don’t get it” or “They are afraid of it”?
32:09 Are digital budgets growing?
33:48 What about other health verticals? Are they using social media?
35:27 Are you doing work in health startups?
36:14 Are all the Ogilvy Health employees wearing wearables?
36:54 If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?
40:41 Patient centricity model
42:19 Is the FDA active in social media?
44:41 Social Media Tip: Carol Bush, RN – Tip for Nurse Bloggers

45:50 Physicians – Nurses – Practice Managers – I need your feedback! Take this survey!

Digital Musings for Pharma: Rethinking Social Media Engagement by Ritesh Patel

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