A Must-Follow Social Media Advisor

Even podcasters can be fangirls (or fanboys). When I came into healthcare social media there were a Twitter handles that were obviously well respected in the community if you follow the authors who are retweeted or shared. Marie Ennis-O’Conner is a member of the “must follow” healthcare marketing club. She writes and curates excellent content for the healthcare marketer. The fact that she lives in Ireland and is at least 5 hours difference from the east coast of the US does not seem to impact when she chooses to appear. Marie shares content generously too. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Marie Ennis-O'ConnerIntroduction
A world view
Marie’s back-story
How did patients engage before social media?
Is Irish healthcare nationalized?
What kind of clients do you have?
Do US Pharma companies follow US privacy laws or European?
Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit in OZ
What was your talk about?
People are people
Dr. Gia Sisson
Health 2.0 Dublin

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Managing Social Media Complaints

Managing social media complaints for a health system can be terrible and no fun. Unless you’re Amanda Changuris who thrives on the personal contact and knowing she is helping people. In our conversation Amanda relates her process for being engaged with patients and her community via Twitter. She also shares a few stories of patients (or their friends and families) who were very unhappy and how she and the social media team at Highmark Health resolved those concerns. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:00 Introduction to Amanda Changuris
00:43 Amanda’s background in TV news
03:21 Social Media at Highmark
04:37 Who does the writing?
05:13 Highmark’s social media presence & team
06:20 What’s the procedure for managing social media complaints?
08:05 Your response time is WHAT? Are you married to social media?
10:28 What should normal people expect for response time?
Speaking at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit11:48 Does speed of response impact others?
13:20 No Scripts! Honor their time
13:38 The ChaCha Response
16:20 Schedule Content timing to maximize engagement time
17:43 Personal vs. Personal
19:05 When is the handoff from social?
21:30 What if a family member releases HIPAA info?
24:31 Coordinated complaints: #DontDenyKevin
30:01 Who are you reaching?
31:00 Flies – Vinegar – Honey
31:45 Twitter and 10,000 words
34:00 140 characters and balancing the length of response
35:21 “Won over with Fancy Cupcakes”
39:35 Takeaways: Suggested responses
42:20 Sneak Peek: Flying Solo
43:15 Social Media Tip: Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Highmark Social Media Properties:
Highmark Health LinkedIn company page
Highmark Health Social Media Team
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Social Media and the CEO

If leadership comes from the top, why are so many healthcare CEOs hesitant to be active in social media? To get a first hand perspective I asked Paul Levy, former hospital CEO and C-suite leader to join me in a conversation about social media, healthcare and why CEOs shouldn’t be so hesitant to jump in. Listen in to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below:

Paul Levy00:00 Introduction
00:45 Social Media and the CEO
01:50 What is the role of the CEO?
02:50 Journalist coverage of a story
06:12 CEO’s engaging
07:00 Train staff in social Media?
08:30 Using social media to tell what you think?
09:25 Paul’s Blog
10:25 What topics did you cover?
11:50 What did he post today?
12:38 Blogging about patient care
14:54 Posting infection rate – push back?
16:40 Insurance company on board?
17:35 Social media as a tool to set goals.
18:50 Facebook and Twitter
21:00 Tweetchats? Matching consumption schedules
21:48 Twitter at conferences
22:48 Tweeting & Twitter Fountains
24:38 Tone and emoticons
Paul Levy giving a speech25:07 Have you evangelized social media participation?
26:07 How many Hospitals CEOs are using social media
26:58 Frequency of posting developed ideas
28:02 Use analytics to drive content?
28:40 Moderating comments to manage “trolls”
29:30 Words of Wisdom
30:40 New focus – Leadership and negotiation
32:10 Social Media Tip: Dr. Mike Sevilla – Get a personal website

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Social Media Tips from Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit

The Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network hosted a Social Media Summit June 15-16, 2015 in Rochester, MN.

Mayo SMS 2015-400Dozens of healthcare social media marketers attended to share, learn and experience social media first hand. The event featured a keynote by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, aka @SeattleMamaDoc in Twitter which was live streamed by the new social platform, Periscope (@Periscopeco). During the two day event I met and spoke with a large number of the participants and corralled a few to get their social media tips to share on the podcast. Below is a list of all those who contributed to the podcast. To find out more about the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network visit here or read the following blog posts:

Social Media Residency and Summit are next week, Lee Aase

June Social Media Summit Reflects the Mayo Model, Lee Aase

Social Media Tips from:
Kristine Austin, Principal, KS Austin Communications
Kristy Jacobson, Public Affairs Specialist at Mayo Clinic Health System
Christina Bokusky, Communications Coordinator at Jackson In Action Community Coalition
Shelby LaCroix, Communications Specialist, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Caitlin Hennessay
Dr. John Wald, Medical Director for Marketing at Mayo Clinic
Quinn Nystrom Diabetes Advocate & Speaker,
Susan Woolner (@SusanWoolner)
Naomi Ogaldez, Intern at Mayo Clinic
Marie McNeill
Makala Johnson, Social Media & Content Strategy Specialist at Mayo Clinic
Paula Gill, Co-Founder CareHubs
Corey Shaffer, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), CareHubs
Dr. Elizabeth Murray, Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
Karen Mulkey, Community Relations Officer, OU School of Community Medicine and OU Physicians
Amanda Changuris, (@AmandaChanguris)
Tony Hart, Public Affairs Associate; Social and Digital Innovation Team, Mayo Clinic
Ali Burnett
Ahmanielle Hall, Digital Marketing Specialist at Yuma Regional Medical Center

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#EveryChildNeeds – AAP President takes to Twitter

When you only serve a one year term as the President of the American Academy of Pediatrics you better hit the ground running. That’s what 2015 AAP President Dr. Sandra Hassink did – with the help of her “Mission Control” team of Jamie Poslosky and Cassandra Blohowiak. Reaching out to engage with fellow pediatricians was a top priority and thus was initiated a series of Tweet Chats under the hashtag #EveryChildNeeds. Ably supported by #Tweetiatricians – Pediatricians who are active in Twitter, Dr. Hassink has led some lively Tweet Chats around topics central to promoting a healthy child. Listen to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.

Tweetiatrician pin 2#Tweetiatricians
Engaging with AAP members
Serving as President of AAP
What are your goals?
AAP Tweet Chats
Does the hashtag live on?
Child centered conversations
August TweetChat: #Resiliancy
Tweet Chat preparation
AAPPres_everychildneeds_tweet“Mission Control”
Kids going to bed hungry
Managing the Twitter handle
New social media platforms: Periscope and Meercat
C-Suite involvement in soacial media
AAP Training for members

Dr. Sandra Hassink

Jamie Poslosky

Summaries of chats

State of the Child

Child Nutrition

Mother’s Day Twitter Storm

Healthy Summer 

Recapturing Summer

AAP Twitter profiles

Dr. Sandra Hassink on Twitter 

American Academy of Pediatrics on Twitter 

Tweetiatrician list

#MeaslesTruth Twitter storm info

PR Daily summary

Symplur article

Blog by @Doctor_V:

Patient Engagement with Facebook

Dr. Justin Smith is a pediatrician active in social media. Unlike a lot of physicians, he chose Facebook as his primary platform for patient engagement. Many physicians shy away from Facebook because of concerns that Facebook will require a lot of time to monitor or that comments could get out of hand. Dr. Smith understands a very important rule of marketing; find out where your audience is and go there to engage with them. Known as The Doc Smitty, Justin Smith engages, educates and entertains on his Facebook page providing a wide variety of information from swimming pool safety to stomach bugs to concerns about plugged in kids. His Facebook page fans love to share and comment on his posts and he rarely has to deal with “TMI.” Listen in to our conversation or jump in at the time stamps below.

The Doc Smitty00:00 Introduction
00:44 “The Doc Smitty” on Facebook
01:90 Shout out to Dr. Bryan Vartabedian @Doctor_V
03:00 Cook Children’s Medical Center
03:25 Balancing Digital and pediatrics practice
04:00 Innovating the digital pediatrics experience
04:55 What is a “connected patient” experience?
06:55 How tele-medicine would work
07:28 Lean startup concept for Digital Heath pediatrics office
08:38 Cook Children’s commitment to digital media
09:55 Did you have to learn marketing?
10:55 How do you find the time?
13:27 Analytics drives content
14:18 What kind of Facebook posts work best?
14:55 Have you ever been a target of opposite viewpoints?
16:00 Fear of Facebook
18:00 Have a great team to support questions
18:35 How does the branding work for @TheDocSmitty and @CookChildrens?
Facebook19:30 Who manages your page?
20:28 Time management
21:00 Fourth of July – Drowning Safety content
23:45 Childhood obesity
26:09 Children’s and parent’s self-image and social media
28:40 Integrate social media questions into checkups
29:23 Facebook engagement with parents
30:44 Future goals for social media?
32:00 Instagram
32:19 Letting people in your personal life
33:25 Concerns about too much presence in social media
34:44 Recommendations to other physicians
37:00 Social Media Tip: Colin Hung “Be Yourself”