Healthcare Leader #HCLDR Colin Hung

Managing a Tweet Chat is a challenging job and usually a labor of love. Colin Hung, one of the founders of the #HCLDR Tweet Chat, shares the ins and outs of one of the most popular healthcare Tweet chats #HCLDR. Joining forces with Bernadette Keefe and Joe Babaian every Tuesday night, Colin spends hours crafting questions and blog posts prior to each Tweet chat and after curating the conversation. Listen to the interview or drop in at the time stamps below.
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Engineer
01:32 Starting as a candy striper
01:55 Happy Canada Day
02:05 PHIPA
03:23 World-wide audience for #HCLDR
05:05 Way back in 2010…
07:25 Imposter syndrome?
09:20 Supporting the conversation
11:22 Are we too polite?
13:19 @Nxtstop1
13:52 #HCLDR
15:18 How do you prepare for the TweetChat?
16:55 Crafting questions is an art
18:39 Blog to support #HCLDR
19:38 Who is we?
20:28 Labor of love to lead a TweetChat
22:00 Meeting IRL
23:16 Popeye philosophy of branding
24:50 Tweet chats are like riding the rapids
26:15 How do you manage 3 leaders on the chat
28:12 Are scheduled tweets part of the chat?
29;12 What happens at the end of the Tweet Chat?
31:00 Tools to moderate
32:38 Planned or spontaneous?
33:51 Newbies?
36:24 Twitter – The great equalizer
38:18 Vendors in social media
42:58 Social Media Tip: Becky Canvin – Insights drive strategy
Healthcare Twitter Stars!
 Colin Hung Colin & compadres at IHI conference in 2014 – Orlando Florida

Twitter Evangelist @AllergyKidsDoc

It’s always fun talking to another Twitter fan! Dr. David Stukus is a real Twitter evangelist, Tweeting under @AllergyKidsDoc, recruiting other physicians to the platform and demonstrating best practices. A Pediatric Allergist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Dr. Stukus is a believer in the power of Twitter because he has seen it and been a part of making it happen. From connecting with a patient’s parent to arrange an appointment to speaking at national conferences, Twitter has made things happen for Dr. Stukus. Listen to our conversation or drop in at the time stamps below.

Dr. Dave Stukus
Nationwide Children’s Hospital Allergy & Asthma
Local or National patients
What’s up with peanuts?
Hold off on bath time?
Microbiome (really – we talked about it)
Brother-in-Law’s fault
Twitter for education
Global Connections
2nd level of communication
Medical News
Follow Tweeting at global conferences
Allergy Tweet Chat #Asthma2015
Parents in Twitter?
Sharing content
Online medical advice
Dr. Farris Timmi “Moral obligation”
Unreliable health websites
Have you been targeted online?
Parents “get” social media
Are you a solo practioner
“Dr. Dave is an alien”
Twitter recruitment: Dr. Amber Patterson @TheAllergyDoc
Nationwide Children’s Hospital committed to social media
What other social media do you use?
700 Kids Blog
Hootsuite tool of choice
Using other media in the Twitter feed
How much time a day do you spend in Twitter?
Social Media Tip: Tom Lee “Use hashtags”

Get Social Health Academy course announcement: Coming this June – The Get Social Health Academy: Online training in social media for healthcare. The first courses to be offered will be “LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals” and “Social Media for Healthcare Practice Owners.”

Live Tweeting a Heart Transplant

Baylor Scott White Health in Dallas, Texas is a hospital with a strong specialty in transplant surgery. To bring attention to the need for organ donation, Digital Communications and Social Media Director Ashley Howland organized the a Twitter first; the Live tweeting of a live heart transplant. Garnering over a million social media impressions and 20,000 followers during the event was of secondary importance to the successful surgery, appreciation and  support for the donor’s family and a new surge in organ donor signups. Hear the details in our interview or follow the time stamps below.

#hearttxlive tweets00:00 Intro
00:45 Why did you live Tweet a transplant?
02:30 Need for Organ donors
02:55 Short waitlist for heart transplants
03:30 No budget
04:00 Schedules Surgery live Tweeting: Kidney Transplat & Brain Surgery
05:36 Project management a key
05:50 Were Tweets Live or scheduled?
06:50 Need for disclaimers and explanation tweets
08:50 Interviewed potential patient was in need
10:50 Transplant is the last resort
12:00 Honoring the donor
12:50 SW Transplant Alliance & Donate Life Texas
14:30 Who was in the operating room?
15:30 Media coverage
15:52 Timing of event
#hearttxlive Tweet18:38 Testing Twitter & Tweet Stats
20:35 Hashtags: #GoJane #ImADonor
21:20 Extending the reach
24:38 National coverage?
24:55 Any negative feedback?
25:45 Hearing a donor’s heart beat
28:37 Will you do it again?
29:25 Live Tweet for Education
31:32 Social Media Tip: Reed Smith “Learn a new skill”

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Ashley’s Twitter Handle

Ahsley Howland on LinkedIn

Baylor Scot White Health on Twitter  and Facebook

“Scrubbing In” Blog

Video: “The First Ever Live Tweet of a Heart Transplant”

News Release 

Hashtags from the event: #HeartTXLive #GoJane #ImADonor

Healthcare Social Media Tips

An end of year show calls for a “Greatest Hits” episode. Since all the Get Social Health guests were wonderful interviews, how could I pick a “best”? Therefore I decided to create a “Greatest Tips” episode and looked for some of the best social media tips from some of healthcare’s most experienced and insightful marketing and social media practitioners. Many thanks are due to my former guests for providing a social media tip after their interviews. Plus I would like to give a shout-out to all the attendees at various conferences who were patient and generous with their time when I approached with a microphone and said; “Give me a social media tip, quick!” with no time to prepare their thoughts.

I would also like to mention the conferences where I was able to collect a lot of social media tips, the Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency & Week and the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing winter meeting.

Below are most of the LinkedIn profiles for my “tipsters.” If I missed anyone, please let me know!

Social Media TipsLee Aase
Alice Ackerman
Dr. Betsy Bennett
Chris Boyer
Greg Chang
Katrina Doell
Nick Goodmanson
Dan Hinmon
Sarah Hudson
Jake Jacobson
Amy Jassic
Drew Keller
Stacy Kendall
Sue Klein
Kaitlynn Knopp
Tom Lee
Ahava Leibtag
Dana Lewis
Ellie Martin
AJ Montpetit
Chris Nelson
Shane Perry
Jason Pratt
Lisa Ramshaw
Josie Salzman
Dr. Mike Sevilla
Emily Solecki
Tiffany Swift
Dr. Farris Timimi
Dr. Bryan Vartabedian
Bart Verholtz

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“Don’t be an Egg-Head” & other social media lessons

When faced with the challenge of encouraging more members of the Australian Private Hospitals Association to utilize social media, Marketing Director Lisa Ramshaw went right to the top – to the CEOs. She faced many questions and concerns from the CEOs about hospitals participating in social media. Her response was to team up with some fellow marketers to get CEOs to try social media with a Twitter profile. To educate them, these social media evangelists went “old school” and wrote a book! A really little book titled “Don’t Be an Egg-Head” which explained the basics of having and using a Twitter account.

Our discussion also included Lisa’s recent recognition as a Mayo Clinic Silver Social Media Fellow status and the project that led to it. We also discussed healthcare marketing for the Australian Private Hospitals Association and some very effective marketing campaigns including; “The Elephant if the Room,” a mental health initiative.

"Don't be an Egghead"

Twitter basics for hospitals and healthcare organisations

Follow our conversation below:
00:00 Introduction
00:28 Meet Lisa Ramshaw, Director of Marketing & Communications for the Australian Private Hospitals Association
01:35 Meeting at Mayo Social Media Week
02:27 Welcoming Healthcare community
03:02 Australian Healthcare
04:08 How many private hospitals are there?
04:52 Does Australia have something like HIPAA
05:25 Can’t use a patient testimonial
06:45 Does the APHA have an opinion on social media?
08:29 “Don’t be an Egg-head”
11:15 400 copies of “Bringing a Social Media Revolution to Healthcare”
12:25 Training at a 101 lv
24:00 from Michigan to Australia to Mayo and back again
24:30 Silver Fellow Award
25:00 Mayo Social Media Network heads to OZ
26:20 Advice to enter social media

27:45 Social Media Tip: Katrina Doell – “Maximize your sports or sponsor partnerships”

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#HCSM Tweet Chat Founder Dana Lewis

Meet Dana Lewis, the founder of one of the most popular healthcare tweet chats, #HCSM. The Healthcare Communications Social Media Tweet-chat or “Hicksum” to those in the know (which I wasn’t). Dana, who has recently started a new job at Providence Health & Services, founded the first healthcare tweet-chat which often has over 1,800 tweets generated during the hour-long chat on Sunday nights ar 8:00pm Central time.

Dana Lewis marathonOur conversation covers a wide range of twitter topics from moderation to content development to how the tweet chat was founded.



Dana Lewis on LinkedIn

Dana Lewis on Twitter

#HCSM on Symplur

Twitter base: @HealthSocMed

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