David Harlow – Legal Questions for Healthcare Social Media

David Harlow, Lawyer, Social Media Guru, and Blogger has been a guest on the Get Social Health podcast before. Guess what? I have more questions! As a member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network’s External Advisory Board, David graciously agreed to come back on the podcast and talk about legal question in healthcare and what has changed in social media and healthcare in the past 2 1/2 years.

Listen to the podcast or drop in at the time stamps below.

00:54  Intro: legal questions in healthcare

01:33  A Lawyer?!
04:29  Comprehending the tech
06:35  Covering the bases
07:29  Active with start-ups
07:51  You and the Mayo
08:37  Optional involvement in social media
10:31  Why the holdouts?
11:50  How do you get involved
12:56  Mayo Clinic annual conference
16:27  Personal life and HR impact
19:01  Professionalism is 24/7
22:05  Patient privacy in a crisis
26:15  When family isn’t your family
28:18  Planned vs spontaneous content
29:35  Authenticity with patients
32:15  Concerning email lists in marketing
36:55  End
38:06  Social Media Tip from Dr. Mike Sevilla
39:10  Closing: Healthcare Writers Network is available to help you!

Below are links to a number of David’s blogs, projects and social media activity:social media for healthcare

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